O'Sullivan not Intimidated by Assassination Attempts

Published in: eNCA, January 10, 2014 Courtesy of: Bafana Nzimande
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O’Sullivan not Intimidated by Assassination Attempts

Published in: eNCA, January 10, 2014
Courtesy of: Bafana Nzimande

JOHANNESBURG – Forensic consultant Paul O’Sullivan says he is not intimidated by Radovan Krejcir’s continued attempts to assassinate him.

O’Sullivan said the Czech fugitive has tried five times to kill him, but indicated that such attempts won’t influence him to stop investigating Krejcir, who is arrested for kidnapping, assault and murder.

“I am aware that Krejcir has hired people to kill me. They have tried five times and have failed. The first attempt was in 2010,” said O’Sullivan.

“These attempts don’t scare me at all. Instead they inspire me to investigate him (Krejcir) until he is permanently in prison for the crimes he has committed,” he added.

When asked if he has stepped up security measures around him and those close to him, O’Sullivan said, “I don’t discuss my security arrangements but am not scared of anything”.

Three suspects, allegedly hired to kill detectives investigating Krejcir, were arrested in Rivonia on Thursday.

The trio was charged with conspiracy to murder while charges of theft and the possession of firearms could be added at a later stage.

They will appear in different courts on Monday.

“Two of the suspects will appear at the Alexandra Magistrates Court for possession of stolen vehicle and conspiracy to commit murder. The third suspect will appear at Palm Ridge Magistrates Court for kidnaping and attempted murder, the same case involving Krejcir and his co-accused,” said Mogale.

Mogale said at this stage police cannot rule out the possibility of making more arrests.

Krejcir was once again denied bail at the South Gauteng High Court on Thursday.

– eNCA

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