Humiliation, Bullying & Abuse: 2 Sisters Sue Father

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Humiliation, Bullying & Abuse: 2 Sisters Sue Father

Credit: Marisk Fockema / YOU Magazine: 21 January 2016

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This case is the largest claim for systematic an ongoing child abuse hi team has ever been involved in, forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan says. His team has been involved in forensic investigations into criminals such as Czech mafia boss Radovan Krejcir and the late, disgraced police chief Jackie Selebi.

“Around the world, abuse of children is regrettably on the increase” he says. “Mothers get trapped in abusive relationships and all too often the abuser is wealthy and uses financial blackmail to keep the relationship going, quite often portraying to the outside world that their a ‘normal’ family”. In his experience, the accused will initially put up a fight. But this means more grisly details will emerge, resulting in the matter being settled. “The settlement will be the final act of closing the door”, he says.

“Regrettably no amount of money will restore the youth these girls lost to an abusive father. It will take them many years to overcome the trauma.”

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